(a)   No excavation made in any street, alley, lane or public place of the Village shall remain open for a longer time than is absolutely necessary to do the work prescribed in the permit granted for such excavation, and the person making such excavation shall refill the same without delay with such material as the Clerk-Treasurer directs, and to the satisfaction of the Clerk-Treasurer, and shall completely fill such excavation to the surface of the pavement and shall put all such excavations in a condition safe for public travel upon such street or other public way or place.
   (b)   The Clerk-Treasurer shall have full power to order, at the time the permit is granted, that a crew of men be employed by the person obtaining the permit twenty-four hours a day until the street, alley, lane or public place of the Village is in the same condition in which it was before such excavation was made.
(Ord. 68-23. Passed 6-13-68.)