Whenever any gas or natural gas company, steam power company, telephone or telegraph company, electric light company or other person makes or causes to be made any excavation in any of the paved streets, avenues, alleys or public places of the Village or in any streets, avenues, alleys or public places of the Village for which legislation at the time of making such excavation is pending to improve the same by paving, for the purpose of laying down pipes or wires or for any other purpose, such person shall, without delay, fill the excavation caused by removing the earth with pure lake sand free from earth or other impurities, or such other material as directed by the Clerk-Treasurer, and replace all other materials which such person has removed or may remove or disturb in making such excavations so that the street is put in good and permanent condition and repair, the same as it was before such excavation was made or materials removed. In no case shall the person have more than fifteen rods of ditch open on any one street at any one time. Before breaking ground on more than fifteen rods, such person shall fully reinstate and repair all other portions of the street or place which he has disturbed. If such person refuses or neglects to do so, the Clerk-Treasurer is hereby authorized to cause such ditches to be filled and the street repaired and shall collect the expense and cost of the same from such person by civil action in any court having jurisdiction.
(Ord. 68-23. Passed 6-13-68.)