Civil Service Generally
   35.001   Positions covered
   35.002   Position creation and elimination
   35.003   Establishment of salaries and compensation
   35.004   Restrictions on payment of compensation
   35.005   Duties of city regarding Civil Service Commission
   35.006   Political contributions and political service by employees
   35.007   Obstructing examinations
Civil Service Commission
   35.020   Established
   35.021   Appointment of members
   35.022   Term of office
   35.023   Removal of members from office
   35.024   Compensation of members
   35.025   Meetings
   35.026   Chairperson
   35.027   Secretary and chief examiner
   35.028   Quorum
   35.029   Powers and duties
Civil Service Provisions
   35.040   Appointments and promotions
   35.041   Qualifications of applicants for civil service positions
   35.042   Filling of vacant positions
   35.043   Probationary period
   35.044   Disciplinary actions
   35.045   Reduction in force policy
   35.046   Leave of absence
Police Department
   35.060   Composition; duties; Chief
Police Officers’ Retirement
   35.075   Applicability of subchapter
   35.076   Definitions
   35.077   Credit for prior service
   35.078   Police officers retirement system fund; administration; transfer of contributions; system funding; separate investment accounts
   35.079   Contributions by police officer; amount; city; pick up officers’ contributions; voluntary contributions
   35.080   Contributions by city; amount; how credited; interest; when
   35.081   Retiring officer; annuity options; how determined; lump-sum payment option
   35.082   Retirement options; retirement date
   35.083   Death other than in the line of duty; pension benefit payable
   35.084   Death in the line of duty; beneficiaries; retirement benefits
   35.085   Disability in the line of duty; benefit; requirements
   35.086   Temporary disability
   35.087   Termination of employment; benefits; how treated; vesting schedule
   35.088   Retirement Committee; established; governing body; responsibilities
   35.089   Membership of Retirement Committee
   35.090   Retirement system funds; contracts for investments
   35.091   Duties of Retirement Committee
   35.092   Termination of employment; transfer of benefits; when
   35.093   Exemption from legal process; administration; requirements; Retirement Committee; power and duties; review of adjustment, tax levy authorized
Statutory reference:
   Civil service, see Neb. RS 19-1825 et seq.