An application for a permit to cause or create any excavation, tunnel, bore, dig, trench, or other opening under or through any street, road or right of way within the Village shall be made to the Village Inspector or if there be no such Inspector employed by the Village, to the Village Engineer and shall describe the location of the intended work to be performed, the size thereof, the purpose therefor, and the person, firm or corporation doing the actual work, and the name of the person, firm or corporation for whom or which the work is being performed, and shall contain an agreement that the applicant will comply with all ordinances and laws relating to the work to be performed.  Whenever any reference is made in this chapter to the Village Inspector and there shall be no Village Inspector employed at the time by the Village, the Village Engineer shall act and perform the duties of the Village Inspector set forth in this Chapter 901.  The Fiscal Officer shall retain applications for permits on file and shall make the same available to any applicant for a permit required by Chapter 901.  The applicant shall also become familiar with Codified Ordinances Section 311.04 regarding traffic control at work sites and shall consult with the Chief of Police or Mayor to determine whether or not flag positions shall be required as set forth in Section 311.04
(Ord. 97-475.  Passed 6-5-97.)