A.   No person shall subdivide any tract of land which is located within the City or in any unincorporated area which is located entirely or in part within one and one-half (11/2) miles of the nearest limits of the City, except in conformity with the provisions of this Title. The subdivision plans and plats, proposed improvements to be installed and all procedures relating thereto shall in all respects be in full compliance with the regulations herein. (1976 Code §25-1-3)
   B.   Any owner of land which is within the corporate limits of the City or within one and one-half (11/2) miles of such corporate limits on unincorporated land wishing to divide the same into lots or to resubdivide for the purpose of sale or assessment, or both, or wishing to dedicate streets, alleys or other lands for public use shall follow the procedures and requirements of this Title. (1976 Code §25-1-8)
   C.   In interpretation and application, the provisions of this Title shall be held to be the minimum requirements.
   D.   Where the conditions imposed by any provision of this Title upon the use of land are either more restrictive than comparable conditions imposed by any other provisions of this Title or of any other law, ordinance, resolution, rule or regulation of any kind, the regulations which are more restrictive or which impose higher standards or requirements shall govern.
   E.   This Title is not intended to abrogate any easement, covenant or any other private agreement; provided, that where the regulations of this Title are more restrictive or impose higher standards or requirements than such easements, covenants or other private agreements, the requirements of this Title shall govern. (1976 Code §25-1-5)
   F.   No building permit shall be issued by any governing official for the construction of any building, structure or improvement to the land or any lot within a subdivision, as defined herein, which has been approved for platting or replatting, until all requirements of this Title have been complied with. (1976 Code §25-4-3)
   G.   No occupancy permit shall be granted by any governing official for the use of any structure within a subdivision approved for platting or replatting until required utility facilities have been installed and made ready to service the property and until roadways providing access to the subject lot or lots have been constructed or are in the course of construction. (1976 Code §25-4-4)
   H.   All transferees, grantees, successors or assigns of owners or subdividers subject to the provisions of this title shall be bound by any representations and undertakings made in the preliminary and final plats and are charged with knowledge of and are subject to the provisions of the applicable City ordinance. (1976 Code §25-4-9)