Before work is commenced on the construction of a swimming pool, or on any alteration, addition, remodeling or other improvement thereto, an application for a permit to construct, together with plans, specifications and pertinent explanatory data, shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for approval. No person shall commence any part of the work until the Mayor has evidenced his or her approval by a suitable endorsement upon such plans and specifications and has granted a permit therefor. The fee for such permit shall be computed at the rate of one dollar ($ 1.00) per 100 square feet or fraction thereof of ground area occupied by the pool structure, with a minimum fee of ten dollars ($ 10.00). Such fee is in addition to permit fees applicable to other structures which may be incidental to the swimming pool, or plumbing, sewer or wiring connections therewith.
(Ord. 143.64. Passed 9-7-76.)