Rights of Way Regulations
923.01   Declaration of findings and purpose, scope, definitions.
923.02   Rights of way administration.
923.03   Discontinuance of operations, abandoned and unused facilities.
923.04   Nature of issuance.
923.05   Other approvals, permits and agreements.
923.06   Certificate of registration applications.
923.07   Reporting requirements.
923.08   Compensation for Certificate of Registration.
923.09   Oversight and regulation.
923.10   Registration term.
923.11   Adoption of rules and regulations.
923.12   Liquidated damages.
923.13   Termination of Certificate of Registration.
923.14   Unauthorized use of public rights of way.
923.15   PEG requirements for open video systems.
923.16   Assignment or transfer of ownership and renewal.
923.17   Construction permits.
923.18   Construction, relocation and restoration.
923.19   Minor maintenance permits.
923.20   Enforcement of permit obligation.
923.21   Construction and removal bonds.
923.22   Indemnification and liability.
923.23   General provisions.
923.99   Penalties.