For the purposes of this chapter, certain terms used herein are defined as set forth below:
BERM: The placement of fill material to a height greater than eighteen inches (18") but less than four feet (4') with side slopes not exceeding three to one (3:1) above the existing ground surface.
BUILDING PERMIT: A permit issued by the Village of North Barrington for the construction, erection or alteration of a structure or building as required by this code.
CERTIFY OR CERTIFICATION: That the specific inspections and tests where required have been performed, and that such tests comply with the applicable requirements of this chapter.
CUBIC YARDS: The volume of material in excavation and/or fill.
EXCAVATION: Any act by which organic matter, earth, sand, gravel, rock or any other similar material is cut into, dug, quarried, uncovered, removed, displaced, relocated by man and shall include the conditions resulting therefrom.
EXISTING GRADE: The vertical location of the existing ground surface prior to excavation or filling.
FILL: Any act by which earth, sand, gravel, rock or any other material is deposited, placed, replaced, pushed, dumped, pulled, transported or moved by man to a new location and shall include the conditions resulting therefrom.
GRADING: Excavation or fill or any combination thereof and shall include the conditions resulting from any excavation or fill.
PERMITTEE: Any person to whom a site development permit is issued.
PERSON: Any person, firm or corporation being a legal entity, public or private, the state of Illinois and its agencies or political subdivisions, and the United States of America, its agencies and instrumentalities, and any agent, servant, officer or employee of the foregoing.
REMOVAL: Cutting vegetation to the ground or stumps, complete extraction, or killing by spraying.
SITE: A lot resulting from any subdivision approved after January 1, 1971, and, whether approved before or after January 1, 1971:
A. Any subdivision of property; or
B. Any planned unit development; or
C. Any combination of lots or sites where grading work is performed as a single unified operation.
SITE DEVELOPMENT OR ALTERATION: Altering terrain and/or vegetation and constructing driveways.
SITE DEVELOPMENT OR ALTERATION PERMIT: The permit provided for and required by this chapter and this code.
VACANT: Land on which there are no structures.
VILLAGE: The Village of North Barrington. (1977 Code § 6-1-2; amd. Ord. 800, 6-28-1999; 2004 Code)