5-1-1: PURPOSE:
The regulations contained in this chapter governing the clearing, grading, excavating and transporting of or otherwise disturbing land are established for the purpose of avoiding or lessening the following situations and to provide minimum standards to safeguard persons, to protect property and to prevent the despoliation of the environment and to promote the public welfare by regulating and controlling the design, construction, quality of materials and the construction, use and maintenance of any development or other activity which disturbs or breaks the topsoil or otherwise results in the movement of earth on land situated within the Village boundaries:
   A.   That the washing, blowing and falling of eroded soil across and upon roadways endangers the health and safety of users thereof by decreasing vision and reducing traction of road vehicles;
   B.   That said soil erosion necessitates the costly repairing of gullies, washed out fills and embankments;
   C.   That the sediment from said soil erosion tends to clog sewers and ditches and to pollute and silt rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs;
   D.   That said sediment limits the use of water and waterways for most beneficial purposes, destroying fish and other aquatic life, and that said sediment is costly and difficult to remove;
   E.   That said sediment reduces the channel capacity of waterways, resulting in greatly increased chances of flooding at grave danger to public health and safety; and
   F.   That stripping and disturbing and breaking the topsoil of land tends to destroy the physical characteristics of such land and its natural beauty, especially where the land is rolling. (1977 Code § 6-1-1)