(A)   No horse-drawn vehicle shall be operated upon the streets of the city for the transporting of persons for hire or by contract unless licensed by the Clerk-Treasurer.
   (B)   Only vehicles constructed and equipped as follows may be licensed:
      (1)   Carriages will have no less than 1¼ inch spoked wheels with a rubber covering thick enough to protect the streets from damage and to keep noise to a minimum;
      (2)   All carriages will be equipped with brakes, taillights, brakelights and turn signals on the rear of the vehicle;
      (3)   Carriages will be equipped with front lights on both sides that will emit light to the front and side that will be visible from a distance of 500 feet.
      (4)   Each carriage will be equipped with a slow-moving vehicle sign approved by the State of Indiana and attached to the rear of the vehicle;
      (5)   No carriage shall be larger in capacity than to transport six passengers.
   (C)   Upon application by the owner and after inspection determines that the vehicle complies with the requirements of this section, the Clerk-Treasurer shall issue horse-drawn vehicle licenses for such vehicles upon payment of the fees specified in § 112.13.
(Ord. 7-89, passed 8-15-89; Am. Ord. 22-4-98, passed 5-11-98)  Penalty, see § 112.99