(A)   A travel policy for the City of Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana, is hereby established.
   (B)   Reimbursement Policy for Travel and Related Expenses.
      (1)   Generally. Expenses described below which are incurred by a city employee related to that employee's official city duties, responsibilities, or actions while participating in or on behalf of official city business shall be reimbursable.
      (2)   Expenses.
         (a)   The authorized use of an employee’s personal vehicle for travel on official city business shall be reimbursed at the current rate set under § 36.09 of the City Code of Ordinances.
         (b)   Parking fees or tolls incurred and paid while a city employee is on official city business shall be reimbursable. However, the same shall not include traffic and parking tickets issued by any police department for an ordinance or state violation.
         (c)   Meals, lodging, and other reasonable expenses necessary and relevant to travel outside the corporate limits of the city on official business shall be reimbursable. Meal expenses shall be paid at a maximum rate of $40.00 per day, including tips. Amounts over $40.00 would need approval by Department Director or Mayor.
         (d)   An amount equivalent to coach air fares or fares which are commonly understood to be coach rates, or any lower fare, available, shall be reimbursed.
         (e)   Meeting expenses, seminar expenses, and such related items incurred while on official city business, shall be reimbursable, whether or not inside the city's corporate limits.
         (f)   Non-reimbursable expenses included, but are not limited to, in-room movies, alcohol, bottle water, power drinks, tobacco products, snacks, soft drinks and coffee unless bought with a meal, laundry service, unless stay is over a week's length, saunas, massages, golf, personal telephone calls, either long-distant or local, and any other unrelated service or entertainment not directly serving a business purpose.
         (g)   Any expenses resulting from companion travel, which companion is not on official city business, and which causes any expense is over and above the expense reasonably incurred by the city employee, shall not be reimbursable.
      (3)   Claim submission requirements.
         (a)   Any claim for reimbursement of travel or expenses incurred while on official city business must be itemized and documented by receipts. In the event receipts are unavailable, lost or destroyed, the employee may obtain reimbursement by signing an affidavit that the expense was incurred on behalf of city business.
         (b)   Prior to submission for reimbursement, a claim must first be reviewed and authorized by the Director of the employee's department to confirm that the claims submitted fall within the guidelines of this section and are within the department's appropriated budget.
         (e)   Registration fees, hotel reservations and airline fares connected with seminars, workshops, schools or other city-required travel may be paid in advance if supported by a fully itemized claim approved by the department Director. Any savings resulting from changes in schedule or transportation shall be delivered to the office of the Clerk-Treasurer within ten business days of travel completion accompanied by written documentation.
         (d)   Any expenses charged by an employee on their personal charge cards will be reimbursed for the face value of the purchase. Late or interest charges will not be reimbursed for any reason.
(Res. RB 35-03, passed 8-26-03; Am. Res. RB-16-13, passed 7-23-13; Am. Res. 32-15, passed 10-13-15; Am. Ord. 48-11-18, passed 11-27-18)