§ 151.07  ENFORCEMENT.
   All enforcement of violations shall conform to Chapter 159 of this code, this chapter, and under the authority of I.C. 36-1-3-6.
   (A)   Enforcement procedures.
      (1)   When the Department of Engineering determines that a violation of the approved construction plans has occurred, the inspector shall notify the on-site personnel, the permittee, and/or the owner/developer of the violation.
      (2)   If the violation persists after the date specified for corrective action in the notice violation, the Department of Engineering shall have the authority to stop work on the site. The Department of Engineering shall determine the extent to which work is stopped, which may include all work on the site except that work necessary to correct the violation.
      (3)   If reasonable efforts to correct the violation are not undertaken by the permittee, the Department of Engineering shall refer to the violation for legal action.
      (4)   The Department of Engineering may deny the issuance of any permits to an applicant when it determines that the applicant does not comply with the provisions of a building permit, Improvement Location Permit (ILP), Noblesville Standards, or approved construction plans.
      (5)   Any step in the enforcement process may be taken at any time, depending upon the severity of the violation.
      (6)   If a person is working without a permit, the Department of Engineering and/or the Department of Planning and Development shall stop work on the site until such time that all the applicable fees have been rectified and all the violations have been addressed to the satisfaction of the respective city agency. A person working without a permit and/or approved construction drawings shall be subject to fines up to $500 per day, payable to the City General Fund.
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