Art.   I.   In General, §§ 22-1--22-30
Art.   II.   Parking, Stopping and Standing, §§ 22-31--22-69
   Div. 1. Generally, §§ 22-31--22-50
   Div. 2. Abandoned Vehicles, §§ 22-51--22-65
   Div. 3. Junked, Unlicensed Vehicles, §§ 22-66--22-69
Art.   III.   Wrecker Service and Vehicle Storage Facility, §§ 22-70--22-80
   Div. 1. Generally, §§ 22-70--22-72
   Div. 2. Wrecker Service, §22-73
   Div. 3. Vehicle Storage Facility, § 22-80
   App. A. Price List
   App. B. Tow Information
   App. C.  Wrecker Service Requirements and Restrictions
   *Cross references-Any ordinance prescribing traffic regulations for specific locations, prescribing through streets, parking limitations, parking prohibitions, one-way traffic, limitations on loads of vehicles or loading zones or flow of traffic generally saved from repeal, § 1-5(13); offenses, Chapter 12; police, Chapter 15; streets, sidewalks and other public places, Chapter 19; vehicles for hire, Chapter 24.
   State law references-Licensing of motor vehicles, operators and trailers, KRS Chapter 186; automated motor vehicle registration, KRS Chapter 186A; financial responsibility law, KRS Chapter 187; nonresident motorists, service of process, KRS Chapter 188; traffic regulations and vehicle equipment and storage, KRS Chapter 189; motor vehicle sales, KRS Chapter 190.