§ 157.07 INSPECTION.
   (A)   The town’s designated agent shall make inspections as hereinafter required and either shall approve that portion of the work completed or shall notify the permit holder wherein the work fails to comply with the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan as approved. Plans for grading, stripping, excavating and filling work bearing the stamp of approval by the town shall be maintained at the site during the progress of the work. To obtain inspections, the permit holder shall notify the town at least two working days before the following:
      (1)   Start of construction;
      (2)   Installation of sediment and erosion control;
      (3)   Completion of site clearing;
      (4)   Completion of rough grading;
      (5)   Completion of final grading;
      (6)   Close of the construction season; and
      (7)   Completion of final landscaping.
   (B)   The permit holder or his or her agent shall make regular inspections of all control measures in accordance with the inspection schedule outlined on the approved erosion and sediment control plans. The purpose of such inspections will be to determine the overall effectiveness of the control plan and the need for additional control measures. All inspections shall be documented in written form and submitted to the town at the time interval specified in the approved permit.
   (C)   The town’s designated agent shall enter the property of the permit holder as deemed necessary to make regular inspections and to ensure the validity of the reports filed under division (B) above.
(Ord. 2029, passed 4-18-2006)