Design objectives are:
   (A)   All special treatment and handling of street patterns, and arrangement of grouping of buildings, off-street parking and loading, accessory uses and the like shall result in a superior land development scheme which accomplishes the objectives and carries out the spirit of the applicable Comprehensive Plan and this chapter;
   (B)   To create and maintain desirable, efficient and economical use of land with high aesthetic value, attractiveness and compatibility of land use;
   (C)   To permit reasonable deviation from standard zoning district requirements where necessary due to special size or shape of site(s) or character of condition of topography and terrain or other special conditions;
   (D)   To permit adequate private interior access roads to serve industrial sites and uses within such industrial park;
   (E)   To provide sufficient and adequate access, parking and loading areas for all uses and structures therein;
   (F)   To provide adequate traffic control and street plan integration with existing and planned street;
   (G)   To provide adequate sanitation, drainage and public utilities servicing the industrial park; and
   (H)   To allocate adequate sites for all uses proposed; the design, character, grade, location and orientation thereof to be appropriate for the uses proposed, logically related to existing and proposed topographical and other conditions, and consistent with the Comprehensive Plan of the town.
(2004 Code, § 9-605)