Commercial, business or industrial uses shall be reviewed by the Plan Commission to determine the following:
   (A)   The uses permitted are necessary or desirable and are appropriate with respect to the purpose of this subchapter;
   (B)   The uses are not of such nature or so located as to exercise a detrimental influence on the PUD, nor on the surrounding neighborhood;
   (C)   The areas and uses are planned as an integral part of the PUD;
   (D)   The uses are located and so designed as to provide direct access to a collector or an arterial street without creating traffic congestion or hazard;
   (E)   No commercial or industrial uses shall be allowed in a combination PUD unless the size of the PUD meets or exceeds the area requirements set out in § 156.432 of this chapter;
   (F)   An area map showing adjacent property owners and existing uses within 600 feet of the proposed PUD parcel; and
   (G)   A sketch plan approximately to scale, though it need not be to the precision of a finished engineering drawing; and it should show the following:
(2004 Code, § 9-308)