(A)   Permanent perimeter enclosure.
      (1)   Those manufactured homes designated in this chapter as requiring a permanent perimeter enclosure must be set onto an excavated area, with foundations, footings and crawl space or basement walls constructed in accordance with the terms of the One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code.
      (2)   The space between the floor joists of the home and the excavated underfloor grade shall be completely enclosed with the permanent perimeter enclosure (except for required openings).
(2004 Code, § 8-501)
   (B)   Foundation siding/skirting.
      (1)   All manufactured or mobile homes without a permanent perimeter enclosure shall have an approved foundation siding/skirting enclosing the entire perimeter of the home. Foundation siding/skirting and back-up framing shall be weather-resistant, non-combustible or self-extinguishing materials, which blend with the exterior siding of the home. Below grade level and for a minimum distance of six inches above finish grade, the materials shall be unaffected by decay or oxidation. The siding shall be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations or approved equal standards.
      (2)   The siding shall be ventilated by openings, which shall have a net area of not less than one and one-half square feet for each 25 linear feet of exterior perimeter. The openings shall be covered with corrosion resistant wire mesh not larger than one-half inch in any dimension. The underfloor area shall be provided with an 18-inch by 24-inch minimum ducts, or other construction interfering with the accessibility of the underfloor space, or other approved access mechanism.
(2004 Code, § 8-502)
   (C)   Support system.
      (1)   Type I manufactured homes. All Type I manufactured home load-bearing foundations shall be installed in conformance with the regulations in the One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code and with the manufacturer’s installation specifications.
(2004 Code, § 8-503)
      (2)   Type II manufactured homes. All Type II manufactured homes not placed on a permanent foundation, shall be installed on a support system in conformance with the manufacturer’s installation specifications or with the support systems regulations in the ANSI/NFPA 501 A 1977 installation standards.
(2004 Code, § 8-504)