(A)   Temporary uses are permitted, as regulated in §§ 156.370 through 156.373 of this chapter.
(2004 Code, § 8-302)
   (B)   Accessory uses, subject to the accessory use requirements of § 156.250 of this chapter:
      (1)   Manager’s office and apartment;
      (2)   Project maintenance equipment storage facility;
      (3)   Common recreation and service buildings and areas, including laundry facilities;
      (4)   Open storage area;
      (5)   Accessory parking areas;
      (6)   Carports, canopies, covered patios, storage rooms, porches, awnings, swings and other play structures or equipment, provided the height thereof shall not exceed ten feet measured from the finished manufactured or mobile home lot grade, and that floors of carports, patios, storage rooms and porches shall be of concrete or other permanent hard surface material; and
      (7)   Wholesale and retail sales of manufactured or mobile homes conducted as a business by dealers or manufactured or mobile home project owners/operators shall be prohibited in the MH District; except, however, a manufactured or mobile home project owner/operator may display not more than three “model” manufactured or mobile home units on lots in the interior of the project; provided, such model units shall not be displayed for sale or removal outside the project; and, further provided that, no signs relative to the “model” units shall be installed as to be visible to the public outside the project. A model home sign, as regulated in § 156.335 of this chapter, shall be permitted for each “model” manufactured or mobile home; provided further, however, nothing contained herein shall restrict the right of any individual owner of any mobile dwelling unit to sell or lease such unit.
(2004 Code, § 8-303)