(A)   Portable, folding and similar movable signs shall not be permitted, except under a temporary sign permit;
   (B)   Signs which are structurally unsafe or are incompatible with their surroundings as determined by the Commission or its designated representatives;
   (C)   Signs obstructing free ingress or egress from a required exit, or which prevent light or ventilation as required in local codes and ordinances;
   (D)   Signs which by reason of size, location, content, coloring or illumination violate municipal or state highway standards;
   (E)   Signs, words, phrases, symbols, colors or characteristics which may mislead, interfere with or confuse motorists;
   (F)   Signs erected on or attached to any sidewalk, street or highway right-of-way, curb, curbstones, hydrant, lamppost, tree, barricade, temporary walkway, telephone, telegraph or electric light pole, other utility pole, public fence or on a fixture of the fire alarm or police system, except public information signs;
   (G)   An advertising sign shall not be painted directly on an exterior wall of a building or structure; or
   (H)   Signs which involve revolving or rotating beams of light.
(2004 Code, § 7-1405)