Any use of land having lawful existence at the effective date of adoption or amendment to this chapter, which does not conform to the provisions of this chapter, may be continued, subject to the following provisions.
   (A)   Non-conforming uses shall not be extended to occupy a greater land area or replaced by another use not specifically permitted in the zoning district.
   (B)   If any non-conforming uses of land are discontinued or abandoned for more than six months, any subsequent use of land shall conform to the regulations specified by this chapter for the district in which the land is located.
   (C)   No additional structure not conforming to the requirements of this chapter shall be erected in connection with the non-conforming land use.
   (D)   Non-conforming uses shall not be moved in whole or in part to any portion of the lot or parcel other than that occupied by the non-conforming use at the effective date of adoption or amendment of this chapter.
(2004 Code, § 7-103)