(A)   The permitted uses of property in all residential districts are the same. Variations among RS1, RS2 and RS3 are in the property development regulations as shown in Table 156.172. See § 156.170 of this chapter, official Schedule of Uses, for a complete listing of permitted uses in these districts.
   (B)   The following additional requirements shall apply in all residential districts.
      (1)   Attached single-family dwelling (zero lot lines). An ATTACHED, SINGLE-FAMILY DWELLING shall be defined as a dwelling structure designed and intended for multiple-family occupancy with the provision, unlike rental apartments or condominiums, for private fee simple ownership of each individual dwelling and lot. Attached, single-family dwellings may provide for two or more dwelling units per attached structure, up to a maximum of eight units per attached dwelling structure.
         (a)   Intent.
            1.   It is the intent of this section to provide for the construction of attached, single-family dwellings and to clarify the distinction between such units and apartments or condominiums. The structure itself may be the same as a conventional two-family or multiple-family structure. The difference is in the extent of ownership and method of maintenance.
            2.   A conventional apartment building has a single owner (individual or corporate) with the individual dwelling units leased or rented to tenants. Building and grounds maintenance normally would be the responsibility of the property owner.
            3.   Condominiums, on the other hand, have individual owners for each dwelling unit, with the surrounding common grounds owned and maintained by a condominium association. In other words, the property owner normally owns only the dwelling unit in which he or she resides.
            4.   Attached, single-family dwellings are similar to apartments and condominiums, yet unique in that the property owner owns both the dwelling and the accompanying lot. Attached, single-family dwellings are single-family dwellings with zero lot lines and common walls (with other single-family dwellings) on three or less sides.
         (b)   Permitted zoning districts. Attached, single-family dwellings shall be permitted in the RF Zoning District and by special exception in RS1, RS2 or RS3 single-family zoning districts.
      (2)   Manufactured housing Type I.
         (a)   General. It is the intent of this chapter to encourage the provision of alternative modest income housing in certain residential areas by permitting the use of Type I manufactured homes. To assure similarity in exterior appearance between manufactured houses and homes constructed on-site, only Type I manufactured houses, as defined in § 156.410(A) of this chapter, will be a permitted use in general residential areas.
         (b)   Permitted placement. The establishment, location and use of Type I manufactured homes as permanent residences approved individually, by specific materials, or by design, shall be permitted in any zoning district permitting installation of a dwelling unit subject to requirements and limitations applying generally to such residential use in the district; and, provided, such homes shall meet the requirements for Type I manufactured homes as set out in §§ 156.215 through 156.218 of this chapter. Other types of manufactured homes including mobile homes shall be a permitted use only in the MH District.
(2004 Code, § 6-301)