(A)   The Board of Zoning Appeals may grant a special exception after consideration of the appropriateness of the specific property for the use, congestion of public streets, availability of public facilities and impact on surrounding property.
   (B)   The Board shall review the particular facts and circumstances of each proposed use in terms of the following standards and shall find adequate evidence that such use at the proposed locations:
      (1)   Is in fact a special exception as established under the provisions of this chapter and appears on the official Schedule of Uses for the zoning district involved;
      (2)   Will be designed, constructed, operated and maintained in a manner which is harmonious and appropriate in appearance with the existing character of the area and shall not change the essential character of the area;
      (3)   Will not involve uses, activities, processes, materials, equipment and conditions of operation that will be hazardous or disturbing to any persons or property;
      (4)   Will have vehicular approaches to the property which shall not create an interference with traffic on surrounding public thoroughfares;
      (5)   Will not create excessive additional requirements for public facilities and services; and
      (6)   Will not result in the destruction, loss or damage of natural, scenic or historic features.
(2004 Code, § 4-402)