Prior to granting a variance, the Board of Zoning Appeals shall consider the following conditions.
   (A)   The variance must not be injurious to the public health, safety and welfare of the town.
   (B)   The use or value of adjacent property must not be adversely affected by the variance.
   (C)   The need for a variance must arise from some condition peculiar to the property involved and must not exist in similar property in the same district.
   (D)   Undue hardship as a result of strict application of the chapter must be proven. Literal interpretation of the provisions of this chapter must be shown to deprive the applicant of rights commonly enjoyed by other properties in the same zoning district.
   (E)   The hardship must not be self-imposed from previous actions. It should not be a purely financial hardship or a matter of convenience.
   (F)   The variance granted is the minimum variance that will make it possible to reasonably use the land or structure.
(2004 Code, § 4-306)