Application for amendments to this chapter shall contain at least the following information:
   (A)   Name, address and phone number of applicant;
   (B)   Any application filed by any person other than the legal owner of the real estate involved shall be accompanied by a written statement of such legal owner consenting to the filing of such application;
   (C)   Present use;
   (D)   Present zoning district;
   (E)   Proposed zoning district;
   (F)   A vicinity map showing property lines, thoroughfares, existing and proposed zoning, and other items which the Zoning Administrator may require;
   (G)   A list of all property owners and their mailing addresses for all adjoining parcels of land to a depth of two ownerships or 250 feet, whichever is greater, of the exterior boundaries of the area proposed to be rezoned or redistricted, as well as a list of all parcels of land that are within the area included in the petition who owners are not petitioners, and others that may have substantial interest in the case; and
   (H)   A statement of how the proposed amendment relates to the town’s Comprehensive Plan.
(2004 Code, § 4-101)