(A)   (1)   No building or structures shall be erected, moved, enlarged, be established or changed in use without an improvement location permit issued by the Plan Commission or its designated representative. Building permits shall be issued in conformance with this chapter unless a written order is received from the Plan Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals or Court directing the issuance of a permit not in conformance with this chapter.
      (2)   The town requires that an improvement location permit (building permit) be obtained for the following specific projects:
         (a)   Single-family and two-family residential dwellings;
         (b)   Residential storage shed (maximum 140 square feet);
         (c)   Detached residential buildings (over 140 square feet);
         (d)   Residential garages, carports, portable carports (except portable carports located, or to be located, on the premises for less than 72 hours during any 30-day period), and/or additions;
         (e)   Temporary structures;
         (f)   Signs;
         (g)   Swimming pools;
         (h)   Demolition;
         (i)   New buildings;
         (j)   Alterations, modification or remodeling;
         (k)   Structures other than buildings;
         (l)   Drainage work (land alteration);
         (m)   Street cuts;
         (n)   Curb cuts;
         (o)   Storm sewer hook-ons; and
         (p)   Driveways.
      (3)   No improvement location permit (building permit) shall be required for ordinary repair and maintenance where the total cost of materials and labor does not exceed $500 and the work does not include a potential health or safety hazard or expand the scope of any existing use. No improvement location permit (building permit) shall be required for fences.
(2004 Code, § 3-400)
   (B)   Applications for improvement location permits (building permits) shall be made on forms provided by the town’s Plan Commission. Each application shall be accompanied by two copies of a plot plan which is drawn to scale and shows clearly and completely:
      (1)   The location, dimensions and nature of the property;
      (2)   The location and dimensions of any existing or proposed structure;
      (3)   All adjoining streets and any existing or proposed access to these streets;
      (4)   The existing and proposed uses of all structures and land;
      (5)   The location and type of sewerage system, water system and drainage facilities;
      (6)   Estimated cost of construction; and
      (7)   Such other information as may be necessary to determine conformance with this chapter.
(2004 Code, § 3-401)
(Ord. 1088, passed 9-7-2004)