The town will adopt requirements identifying best management practices (BMPs) for activities, operations and premises that may cause or contribute to pollution or contamination of storm water, the storm drain system or the waters of the United States. The owner or operator of commercial or industrial premises shall provide, at his or her own expense, reasonable protection from accidental discharge of prohibited materials or other wastes into the storm drain system or watercourses through the use of these structural and non-structural BMPs. Further, any person responsible for a property or premises, which is, or may be, the source of an illicit discharge may be required to implement, at said person’s expense, additional structural and non-structural BMPs to prevent the further discharge of pollutants to the storm drain system. Compliance with terms and conditions, a valid NPDES permit authorizing the discharge of storm water associated with industrial activity, to the extent practicable, shall be deemed in compliance with the provisions of this section. These BMPs shall be part of a storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPP) as necessary for compliance with requirements of the NPDES permit.
(Ord. 2028, passed 4-18-2006)