(A)   Lighting fixtures.
      (1)   Lighting fixtures shall be pole-mounted luminaries made of cast aluminum. All components including fixtures, ballasts and lamps shall be UL or ETL listed for outdoor use and operated on 120-volt power.
      (2)   Lamps shall be long lasting, high efficiency high pressure sodium type, 150-watt minimum output.
      (3)   Fixtures shall include ballasts rated for -30°F operating temperature, photo electric cell and glass or acrylic refractors.
   (B)   Poles.
      (1)   Light poles shall be made of cast aluminum, 12-foot high minimum, and mounted to a concrete base. Poles shall be 0.188-inch minimum thickness and have a colored, factory-applied finish.
      (2)   Poles shall be of circular construction with tapered or straight-fluted shaft. Base size shall be suitable for the height and application as recommended by the manufacturer.
      (3)   Poles shall be supplied with proper mounting hardware for attaching the light fixture as specified above.
(2004 Code, Art. VI, § A, part 2)