(A)   The Police Department, under the direction and supervision of the Town Marshal, is hereby authorized and permitted to perform drug tests to assist in the enforcement and prosecution of drug-related criminal offenses. The town’s Police Department is authorized to purchase and maintain equipment, supplies and facilities, from time to time, as is necessary to perform the drug testing contemplated by this action. Further, the town’s Police Department, in the discretion of the Town Marshal, may provide drug testing services for other public agencies for a fee.
   (B)   There is hereby created a special non-reverting and restricted fund to be known as the “Police Drug Testing Fund”. Such Fund shall hold fees, gifts, grants and other similar funds (and earnings on such funds) received by the town for or in support of drug testing and related services or to assist with the purchase of related supplies or equipment. Such Fund shall not be commingled with any other fund or funds received from taxation or hold funds that are from or that normally flow into the town’s General Fund or any other police fund or account and shall be used exclusively to fund and support drug testing by the town’s Police Department and/or on drug prevention or enforcement training and education.
   (C)   Drug testing services to be provided by the town’s Police Department to other public agencies shall be secondary and incidental to the other duties and functions of the Police Department.
   (D)   The fee to be charged to other public agencies for drug testing services provided by the town’s Police Department shall be $50 for each test.
(Ord. 2101, passed 5-19-2009)