(A)   The Town Council shall provide, maintain, operate and supervise public parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, recreation centers and recreational facilities owned or controlled by the town or leased or loaned to the town by the owners thereof.
   (B)   (1)   The Recreation Advisory Commission may make recommendations/suggest policies to the Town Manager, Town Council and Recreation Department and serve as a liaison to the citizens of the community.
      (2)   It may advise the town on the following:
         (a)   Recreational and cultural facilities and programs;
         (b)   Operational policies and procedures for recreation activities;
         (c)   Advise in the acquisition of lands and structures through gift, purchase, lease or loan, as approved by the Town Council; and
         (d)   Lead and/or facilitate the development of long-range recreational plans to be considered by the Town Council.
(1991 Code, § 12-24) (Ord. passed 3-4-1980; Ord. passed 11-4-2008; Meeting minutes of 4-14- )