(A)   It shall be illegal to park or leave standing any motor vehicle, as defined in G.S. § 160A-303(b), on the right-of-way of any public street, highway, alley or thoroughfare in the town in the following areas:
Restricted Area
On Bayberry Road
From US 70 to W. Railroad Boulevard
On East Forrest Drive
From Howard Boulevard to W. Forrest Drive
On Greystone Drive, Foxhall Road Huntmaster Court and Coachman Lane within the Sand Ridge subdivision
On Howard Boulevard
From the Verdun Street and Kirby Lane intersection to the E. Forrest Drive and Mason Lane intersection.
On New Bern Street
On South Park Lane
On Johnson Street right-of-way
Including, but not limited to, the pavement and the shoulders of Johnson Street, between East Forest Drive and Chatham Street at all hours and on all days with the exception of mechanical failure
On W. Railroad Boulevard
On its eastside, from Chathan Street to Howard Boulevard
   (B)   The Public Works Department shall cause “No Parking” signs to be erected on the streets designated in this section.
(1991 Code, § 16-71)  (Ord. passed 5-26-1978; Ord. passed 2-17-1981; Ord. passed 9-7-1982; Meeting minutes of 5-1-2001; Ord. passed 1-3-2006)  Penalty, see § 10.99