(A)   The speed limit zones are depicted on a Geographical Information System (GIS) map below.
   (B)   The general speed limit within the town is 35 mph unless otherwise posted and indicated on the below speed limit map.
   (C)   This schedule only applies to town-owned and maintained streets. All other streets such as state and private-owned and maintained are shown for reference only.
   (D)   The town law enforcement will only have jurisdiction on private property to enforce traffic laws only by an agreement or contract with the town.
   (E)   Other law enforcement agencies shall have the same vehicle and traffic enforcement as town law enforcement agencies.
   (F)   The GIS vehicle speed limit map shall bear the date of adoption and the town seal.
   (G)   Any person operating a motor vehicle in excess thereof shall be in violation of this schedule and subject to a fine of $50 for each such violation.
(1991 Code, § 16-51)  (Ord. passed 4-7-1964; Ord. passed 9-15-1981; Ord. passed 12-7-1999; Ord. passed 2-1-2000; Ord. passed 10-2-2007)