Picket lines and picketing shall be subject to the following additional regulations.
   (A)   Picketing may be conducted only on the sidewalks reserved for pedestrian movement, and may not be conducted on the portion of a street used for vehicular traffic.
   (B)   Not more than ten picketers promoting the same objective shall be permitted at any one time to use either one of the two sidewalks within a single block.
   (C)   Picketers may carry written or printed placards or signs not exceeding two feet in width and two feet in length promoting the objective for which the picketing is done provided the words used are not derogatory or defamatory in nature; the staff on which such placard is carried shall not exceed 40 inches in length, must be made of wood, shall not exceed three-fourths of an inch in diameter at any point, and must be blunt at each end.
   (D)   Picketers must march in single file and not abreast and not march closer together than 15 feet, except in passing one another. Picketers shall not be allowed to walk more than five feet from the curbline and shall be in continuous motion.
   (E)   If picketers promoting different objectives desire to use the same sidewalk for picketing and such use would result in the presence of more than ten pickets thereon, the Chief of Police shall allot time to each group of pickets for the use of such sidewalk on an equitable basis.
(1991 Code, § 16-102)  (Ord. passed 9-18-1986)