A.   The Board of Adjustment shall conduct meetings at the call of the chairman who shall give written or oral notice to all members of the Board at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting, which notice shall contain the date, time and place for the meeting, and the subject or subjects which will be discussed.
   B.   A simple majority of the total membership of the Board of Adjustment as established by regulation or agreement shall constitute a quorum. Any member of the Board of Adjustment who has any direct or indirect financial interest in the outcome of any question before the body shall disclose the nature of the interest and shall disqualify himself from voting on the question.
   C.   The Board of Adjustment shall adopt bylaws for the transaction of business and shall keep minutes and records of all proceedings including regulations, transactions, findings, and determinations and the number of votes for and against each question, and if any member is absent or abstains from voting, indicating the fact, all of which shall, immediately after adoption, be filed in the office of the Board of Adjustment. A transcript of the minutes of the Board of Adjustment shall be provided if requested by party, at the expense of the requesting party, and the transcript shall constitute the record.
   D.   The Board of Adjustment shall have the right to receive, hold, and spend funds, which it may legally receive from any and every source in and out of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, including the United States Government.
   E.   The Board of Adjustment shall have the power to issue subpoenas to compel witnesses to attend its meetings and give evidence bearing upon the questions before it.
   F.   The chairman of the Board of Adjustment shall have the power to administer an oath to witnesses prior to their testifying before the board on any issue.