Sewer Regulations
925.01   Definitions.
925.02   Placing or depositing wastes upon public or private property.
925.03   Discharging untreated sewage, industrial wastes, etc., to natural outlets.
925.04   City and Board liability.
925.05   Entering sewer.
925.06   Privies, septic tanks.
925.07   Use of public sewers required.
925.08   User’s responsibility.
925.09   Damaging sewage works.
925.10   Right of entry.
925.11   Violations; notice.
925.12   Private sewage disposal systems.
925.13   Building sewers and connections.
925.14   Use of public sewers.
925.15   Powers and authority of inspectors.
Power to collect charges - see W. Va. Code 8-12-5(32), 16-13-16
Review by Public Service Commission - see W. Va. Code 24-2-4(b)
Deposit limitations - see W. Va. Code 24-3-8