(a)   Maximum Building Height: No building shall be erected or enlarged to exceed sixty-five feet (65').
   (b)   Lot Area and Width: There is no minimum lot width or minimum lot size for uses in the PPOS district.
   (c)   Setbacks and Yards (Principal Structure): For all lots of record see Chapter 1117.
   (d)   Front Yard: No front yards are required.
   (e)   Side Yard: No side yards are required.
   (f)   Rear Yard: No rear yards are required.
   (g)   Corner Lots: Not applicable to this district.
   (h)   Maximum Lot Coverage: Not applicable to this district.
   (i)   Parking Requirements:  Notwithstanding the Parking Requirements as set forth in Chapter 1118, gravel parking areas are permissible.
   (j)   Signs: Signs shall be as regulated in Chapter 1119.
   (k)   Accessory Uses or Structures: Not applicable.
   (l)   Trash and Garbage Control: All trash and garbage shall be stored in container systems which are located and enclosed so as to effectively screen them from view. Screening of trash and garbage areas shall meet the requirements of Chapter 1120.
(Ord. 2020-30.  Passed 11-9-20.)