(a)   No person shall:
      (1)   Engage in commercial fishing or the buying or selling of fish caught in Reservoir waters.
      (2)   Fish with other than hook or line and live or artificial bait; and other than in accordance with the fishing laws of the State of Ohio.
      (3)   Fish in any Reservoir waters restricted to fishing as designated by posted signs, markers or buoys.
      (4)   Hunt, trap or pursue wildlife, except as has been provided by the Ohio Revised Code. No person shall use, carry, or possess firearms of any description, or air riffles, spring-guns, bows, and arrows, sling or any other forms of dangerous weapons potentially inimical to wild life and dangerous to human safety, or any instrument that can be loaded with an fire blank cartridges, or any kind of trapping device, unless hunting game in season.  Shooting into the Reservoir area or Recreation Park area from beyond the boundaries of Village owned land is forbidden. 
         (Ord. 01-004.  Passed 5-8-01.)