(a)   No person shall:
      (1)   Operate watercraft, regardless of the type of propulsion without having life jackets, life vests or life buoys or buoyant cushions sufficient to sustain any and all occupants afloat as prescribed by U.S. Coast Guard, said life preserves bearing the U.S. Coast Guard seal of approval stamped on each such item by the manufacturer thereof.  Such Safety equipment shall be so placed as to be immediately available to each person aboard such watercraft at all times.  Children under ten years of age shall wear approved life vests or jackets at all times when they are in, on or around either privately owned boat docks, rented docks or slips or private or rental boats.
      (2)   Operate any power watercraft without approved fire extinguishers.
      (3)   Operate any watercraft without an anchor of sufficient weight to anchor such craft securely, and without an anchor line less than three times the depth of the water, said length being approximately seventy-five feet.
      (4)   Operate any craft, except sailcraft and emergency craft, at speed greater than six miles per hour, unless a genuine emergency requires greater speed in order to protect the life or health of a person.
      (5)   Operate any watercraft without a distress flag measuring two feet square and International Orange in color.  No person hall display such flag unless the watercraft or person is in distress and in need of help.
      (6)   Operate or anchor any watercraft in any restricted area on Reservoir waters, said restricted areas to be clearly marked by marker buoys and/or posted signs.
      (7)   Rent, lease, or otherwise permit the use of any watercraft under a person’s control or the control of his agents unless such watercraft is provided with equipment required under this chapter and U.S. Coast Guard regulations for such watercraft.  (Ord. 01-004.  Passed 5-8-01.)