(a)   No person or persons on Reservoir property or adjacent Village owned lands shall:
      (1)   Bath, or swim at any time than as determined and posted by the Village Administrator.
      (2)   Fail to directly supervise the swimming of any minor under the age of eighteen who enters the reservoir property under that person’s care; and  no such minor shall be permitted to engage in swimming without the direct supervision of an adult with whom the child entered the reservoir property.
      (3)   All bathers and swimmers will be under supervision of the Village Administrator or his designated attendants and will abide by the rules and regulations set forth in this chapter.
      (4)   Leave a boat upon Reservoir property or adjacent Village owned land during the off-season as establish by the Village Administrator.  Failure to remove the boat between these dates will result in their impoundment and the same shall be considered abandoned by the owner.
      (5)   Operate any boat other than pontoon, sailcraft, canoes, and rowboats.  The use of any other type of boat shall be unlawful.
      (6)   Operate any boat other than those powered by sail, paddle, oars, or any electric motor, other than gasoline outboard motors used on Village authorized emergency boats.
      (7)   No person shall operate any craft more than twenty-five (25) feet in length.
      (8)   Operate any unseaworthy boat or any boat, which fails to meet U.S. Coast Guard Standards of the conditions.  All boats will be subject to inspection by the Village Administrator and shall be removed from the water should he find them unsafe under said standards.  The Village Administrator shall determine seaworthiness of watercraft based on boat design, capacity, condition of the watercraft, condition of facilities, weather conditions and compliance with safety regulations.  He may deny entry of any boat to reservoir waters if he finds it unfit, and his decision is finial.
      (9)   Use moorings and marker buoys unless authorized to do so.
      (10)   Use a motor on a craft not specifically designed to be motor propelled or specifically adapted to the use of a motor.
      (11)   Operate any boat, which exceeds the recommendations of the manufacturer or designer’s as to maximum capacity for the boat.  If a manufacturer or designer’s recommendations as to maximum capacity.  If manufacturer or designer’s recommendations as to maximum capacity is not obtainable, it shall be determined from the formula:
         LxBxD = number of persons   
         (Adult and children) to the nearest multiple of 25.
         L-length of boat overall in feet and decimals thereof.
         B-maximum beam in feet and decimals thereof.
D-minimum depth or depth in feet in decimals thereof measured vertically from the inside surface of the hull material at the center of the boat to a straight edge resting on the gunwales.
      (12)   Operate, launch, dock, moor or use any watercraft which contains a sink, toilet, or sanitary system, which is capable of discharging urine, fecal matter, contents of chemical commode, kitchen waste, laundry soap, any waste material whatsoever into the water of said Reservoir. No person shall dispose of any of these or other waste material by any means into said water, whether deemed contaminative or not.  Any such facility aboard shall be sealed off or removed.
      (13)   Bring into or operate any boat, raft, or other watercraft, whether motor powered or not, upon any waters, except at places designated for boating by the Village Administrator.  Such activity shall be in accordance with applicable regulations as are now or may hereafter be adopted.
      (14)   Navigate, direct, or handle any boat in such manner as to unjustifiably or unnecessarily annoy of frighten or endanger the occupants of any other, or swimming area. 
   (b)   The Village of New London does not provide lifeguards at the reservoir property.  All persons who engage in swimming do so at their own risk.
(Ord.  2019-14.  Passed 7-22-19.)