(a)   No person or persons on Recreation Park or Reservoir property or adjacent Village owned land shall:
      (1)   Willfully mark, deface, injure, tamper with, or displace, or remove any buildings, tables, docks, mooring stakes, benches, landings, fireplaces, railings, paving, or paving material, water lines, or other public utilities or parts or appurtenances thereof, signs, notices, or placards whether temporary or permanent, monuments, stakes, posts or other boundary markers or other structures, or equipment, facilities or Village Property or appurtenances whatsoever, either real or personal.
      (2)   Displace or remove any stone rip rap from dikes on the Reservoir
      (3)   Fail to cooperate in maintaining restrooms and washrooms in a neat and sanitary condition.  No person over the age of five years shall use the restrooms and washrooms designated for opposite sex.
      (4)   Dig, or remove, any sand, whether submerged or not, or any soil, rocks, stones, trees, shrubs, or plants, down timber, or other wood or materials or make any excavation by tool, equipment blasting or other means of agency.
      (5)   Construct or erect any building or structure of whatever kind, whether permanent or temporary in character, or run or string any public service utility into, upon or across such land, except on special written permit issued by the Village Administrator.
      (6)   Damage, cut, carve, transplant or remove any tree or plant or injure the bark, or pick the flowers or seeds, of any tree or plant.  Nor shall any person attach any rope, wire, or other contrivance to any tree or plant.  A person shall not dig in, or otherwise disturb, grass areas or in any way injure or impair the natural beauty or usefulness of any area
      (7)   Climb any tree or walk, stand, or sit upon monuments, vases, fountains, railings, fences, or upon any other property not designated or customarily used for such purposes.
      (8)   Tie or hitch a dog or any other animal to any tree or plant, except in designated areas.
      (9)   Hunt, molest, harm, frighten, kill, trap, chase, tease, shoot, or throw missiles at any animal or reptile.
      (10)   Hunt any bird, with the exception of the lawful hunting of migratory birds under state and federal laws.
      (11)   Discharge rifles, shotguns, handguns, or other firearms, with the exception of the lawful hunting under state and federal laws.
         (Ord. 01-004.  Passed 5-8-01.)