(a)    There shall be a New London Recreation Committee, consisting of as many  members as may from time to time be recommended by the existing members of the Committee and approved by the Council, plus the Village Administrator as permanent member.  The Council-appointed members shall serve for a continuing period of time, but at the pleasure of the Council.
   (b)    The Recreation Committee shall serve as an advisory committee which shall attempt to organize and coordinate the activities, and make recommendations to the Village concerning the uses, rules and regulations of the New London Village Park and the New London Reservoir, and their respective facilities, as reasonably necessary to protect and foster the interests of the Village as well as the health, safety, and welfare of its inhabitants and other park users.
   (c)   The Recreation Committee shall meet in public sessions at such times as it deems necessary, but at least six times annually.
   (d)    The New London Recreation Committee shall have the right to establish both permanent and ad hoc Citizens’ Subcommittees to assist it in its duties and/or to plan, supervise, or carry out special events.
(Ord.  2019-16.  Passed 9-9-19.)