931.02  CHARGES.
   (a)   There is hereby levied and imposed upon all premises which have been improved within the Village of New London just and equitable charges for storm drainage service, or subsequent service, construction, reconstruction, maintenance, operation, and extension and a Storm Water Drainage Fund is established for the foregoing purposes.
   (b)   Said charges shall be collected with monthly water bill of water users, billed with sanitary sewer for those connected to sewer alone, or billed alone as a storm water drainage charge for those users not connected to and/or not charged for Village water and /or sanitary sewer.
   (c)   Said charges shall be paid monthly by those liable therefore, and placed in a Storm Water Drainage Fund to be used only for the purposes provided in this chapter.
(Ord. 2019-04.  Passed 4-8-19.)
   (d)   It is hereby determined that property is furnished service approximately in proportion to the amount of the property’s impervious surface; and therefore, the Council hereby establishes the following property use classifications and rates for charges for this service:
Residential Use Property              $5.30 per month
Commercial Use Property                 $16.97 per month
School Use Property                    $32.89 per month
Trailer Park Use Property                         $32.89 per month
Apartment Use Property                           $32.89 per month
(ten or more suites operated on
the same or adjacent properties under
common ownership
                  Industrial Use Property          $43.50 per month
   No charge shall be assessed against undeveloped property.
   In the event that there is any question as to the appropriate use classification and charge to be assessed against a property, the Village Administrator shall establish the same, based on the closest approximation of the amount of impervious surface for the property in question compared with the existing use classifications.  In no event shall a property be assessed at less than the Residential Use Rate.  (Ord. 2020-35.  Passed 12-28-20.)
   (e)   Rates shall be set by action of the Village Council.  It is the Council’s intention that rates shall be established so that in no year shall the operating fund of the utility show a loss.
   (f)   The Owner of any property subject to a charge provided herein shall pay the same, when due, to the Village of New London.  Bills that are not paid within fifteen days of the invoice shall be subject to an additional delayed payment charge of ten percent (10%) of the amount of the bill.  If any charges due are not paid when due, the Solicitor shall collect them by actions at law in the name of the Village, or they may be certified to the County Auditor for placement on the tax list and duplicate as a lien against the property served.
(Ord. 2019-04.  Passed 4-8-19.)