(a)    The Identity Theft Prevention Program shall not be operated as an extension to existing fraud prevention programs, and its importance warrants the highest level of attention. The Identity Theft Prevention Program is the responsibility of the governing body.
   (b)    Operational responsibility of the program is delegated to the Village Administrator.
   (c)    Staff training shall be conducted for all employees, officials and contractors for whom it is reasonably foreseeable that they may come into contact with accounts or personally identifiable information that may constitute a risk to the Village or its customers. The Clerk- Treasurer is responsible for ensuring identity theft training for all requisite employees and contractors.
   (d)    Employees must receive annual training in all elements of this policy.
   (e)    It is the responsibility of the Village to ensure that the activities of all service providers are conducted in accordance with reasonable policies and procedure designed to detect, prevent, and mitigate the risk of identity theft. A service provider that maintains it own identity theft prevention program, consistent with the guidance of the red flag rules and validated by appropriate due diligence, may be considered to be meeting these requirements. Any specific requirements should be specifically addressed in the appropriate contract arrangements.
(Ord. 08-23.  Passed 10-24-08.)