(a)   Line extensions in previously established subdivisions having no water service must be petitioned for by the adjoining lot owners and will be installed on an assessment basis.  Main line to curb box service lines must be paid in advance by the property owners.
   (b)   No extension of any water main will be approved for less than the entire frontage of properties involved in the petition.
   (c)   Six inches is the established minimum size water line.  Where the Superintendent of the Water Department specifies a large size pipe the water department will pay the difference in cost of the larger size pipe specified than six inch pipe.
   (d)   Materials to be used by the customer from the curb box to the structure main shut off shall be Type K copper or copper tubing size polyethelene.  If a leak is discovered by the property owner or the water department between the curb stop and the structure, the owner has 72 hours to repair or replace the service line or service will be disconnected.
(Ord. 2017-12.  Passed 8-28-17.)