(a)   It is the duty of the Fiscal Officer to render bills for water service and all other charges in connection therewith and to collect all moneys due therefrom.
   (b)   All revenues and moneys derived from the operation of the water system shall be paid to and held by the Fiscal Officer separate and apart from all other funds of the municipality and all of said sums and all other funds and moneys incident to the operation of said system, as may be delivered to the Fiscal Officer, shall be deposited in a separate fund designated the "Waterworks Fund Account" and said Fiscal Officer shall administer said fund in every respect in a manner provided by the Ohio Revised Code and all other laws pertaining thereto.
   (c)   The Fiscal Officer shall establish a proper system of accounts and shall keep proper records, books, and accounts in which complete and correct entries shall be made of all transactions relative to the water system and at regular intervals Council shall cause to be made an independent audit of the books to show the receipts and disbursements of the water system.
   (d)    Monthly bills will be rendered by the Fiscal Officer. Meter readings will be taken monthly, normally on or about the 20th of each month or as close thereto as is practical.
   (e)   If the meter reader is unable to obtain a reading by reason of the meter being out of order, it will be replaced and an estimated charge will be made.  If the meter reader is unable to gain entrance to the premises on a second call, the current bill be estimated.  Estimates will be based on the two previous readings.  Water consumption will not be estimated two monthly billing periods in succession.  Water service will be shut off if meter reader cannot gain entrance after proper notification.
   (f)   Meters shall remain the property of the Village of New London and the Village.  Its employees shall have access thereto at all reasonable times for the purpose of reading, removing or replacing any that may become defective.
(Ord. 2017-12.  Passed 8-28-17.)