(a)   All public sidewalks constructed in the Village shall be of concrete not less than four inches in thickness of concrete mixture, one of cement, two of sand, three of stone.  No sidewalks in the Village shall be constructed in whole or in part of brick, without a written waiver from the Village Administrator.  Portions of walks used as a driveway surface for vehicular traffic, and sidewalks in the business district shall be not less than six inches thick of concrete, or asphalt at the discretion of the Village Administrator.  A four inch granular base is required prior to pouring a sidewalk.  Such shall be either of stone or gravel.  If the assessed valuation of any property abutting any sidewalk ordered is insufficient to pay the cost of the same, under the limitations provided by the Ohio Revised Code, Council may order the sidewalks to be constructed of other material and the cost of which shall not exceed the amount which may be legally assessed against the abutting property for the construction of the same.
   (b)   A four foot minimum width of sidewalk, with replacement being at least the size of adjacent sidewalk is required.  Sidewalks shall be constructed with P.C. Concrete which shall contain six percent (6%) minimum cubic yards and a 3 maximum slump.  Also 4,000 lbs. test at twenty-eight days.
   (c)   All concrete shall be placed in one course and finished with a wood float, steel trowel edging and joints.
   (d)   Expansion joints shall be placed wherever new concrete touches existing construction and at thirty foot intervals or less.
   (e)   Water valve and gas valve boxes in sidewalk area shall be adjusted to proper grade.
   (f)   Thickness of small area repairs shall equal existing sidewalks four inches for sidewalks, and six inches at driveways and equal existing width.  Uneven joints may be repaired by adjusting the elevations of adjacent sidewalk sections to uniform grade.  Where fill is required, material shall be cinders, sand or screening.  Depth of contraction joints shall be one-fourth inch of thickness.  Sawing permitted.  Longitudinal contraction joints shall be placed when width exceeds six feet premoulded expansion joints: 0"-20', none: 20'-20', one: over 50', 50 intervals.
   (g)   When any existing five foot sidewalk is repaired or replaced the sidewalk shall be repaired or replaced to five feet.
(Ord. 01-06.  Passed 8-14-01.)