(a)   "Temporary store", as used in this chapter, means any public or quasi-public place, including but not limited to any hotel room, rooming house, storeroom, building, or part of a building, that is temporarily being occupied for the purpose of making retail sales to the public, provided that it shall not include a portion of a permanent residence which has been occupied for more than six months or a place of business which has been in continuous use by the same person or firm for more than six months.
   (b)   No person shall engage in the sale of goods, wares, merchandise, property, or services, from a temporary store within the Village, without having obtained a license issued by the Village Police Chief or his designee.
   (c)   Application for a license to operate a temporary store shall be filed with the Village Police Chief by the individual requesting, on a form to be furnished by the Police Chief, which shall require the following information:
      (1)   Name and address and telephone number of the applicant;
      (2)   Location of the temporary store;
      (3)   The applicant's Social Security number or federal identification number;
      (4)   The nature and character of the goods to be sold or services to be furnished at the temporary store;
      (5)   Evidence that the applicant has authority to occupy the temporary store;
      (6)   Anticipated number of employees;
      (7)   Dates and hours of operation;
      (8)   A statement as to whether the applicant has ever been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, including the date and place of conviction; and
      (9)   Two copies of a current photograph, approximately 2" x 2", of each individual managing or operating the temporary store.
   (d)   The Police Chief shall issue a license to the applicant within ten days of the receipt of a completed application unless he determines that the application is incorrect in some material respect, that the applicant proposes to engage in unlawful activity, or that he has reason to believe that a clear and present danger to the residents of the Village would exist through the issuance of a license.  The filing fee for the license shall be paid before the license is issued.  The license shall bear the photograph of the individual identified as the manager or operator.
   (e)   The filing fee for licenses shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00).
   (f)   A temporary store shall have its license displayed in a conspicuous place at all times.
   (g)   A license shall expire on the date requested in the application or one year from its issuance, whichever is earlier.
   (h)   No temporary store shall be located so as to interfere with any portion of the premises set aside for required parking other lawful uses on the property, or so as to breach any applicable setback or lot use requirements; and no merchandise shall be stored or displayed more than twenty-five feet from the primary structure on the lot where the temporary store will be located.  (Ord. 2009-24.  Passed 10-12-09.)