(A)   If an application is denied as stated herein, the applicant may file such appeal within ten calendar days after written notice of such denial has been either delivered to the applicant or mailed to the applicant by ordinary mail to the applicant's last known address. Such appeal shall be brought to the Mayor by filing a copy with the office of the Mayor and a copy with the Chief of Police.
   (B)   The Mayor or his designee shall then hold a public hearing before the Personnel Board upon such appeal at which the Chief of Police or his designee shall present the appropriate evidence to the Personnel Board upon which the application was denied. The applicant may be present at the public hearing and may present evidence to refute the findings of the Chief of Police. Upon hearing all evidence the Personnel Board may either affirm, modify or overrule the decision of the Chief of Police, or for good cause shown, the Personnel Board may overrule the Chief of Police and grant the applicant's permit. The decision of the Personnel Board shall be rendered within ten days of the conclusion of the public hearing. Such decision shall be made in writing and presented personally to the applicant or mailed by ordinary mail to the applicant at the last known address provided in the application. The decision by the Personnel Board may be appealed as an administrative decision according to Ohio law.
(Ord. 2011-02, passed 2-15-11)