76.01   Right-of-way in crosswalk
76.02   Right-of-way of blind person
76.03   Crossing roadway outside crosswalk; diagonal crossings at intersections
76.04   Moving on right half of crosswalk
76.05   Walking along highways
76.06   Use of highway for soliciting; riding on outside of vehicles
76.07   Right-of-way on sidewalk
76.08   Yielding to public safety vehicle
76.09   Walking on highway while under the influence
76.10   On bridges or railroad crossings
76.11   Operation of electric personal assistive mobility devices
76.12   Operation of personal delivery device on sidewalks and crosswalks
76.13   Low-speed micromobility devices
Bicycles and Motorcycles
76.25   Code application to bicycles
76.26   Riding on seats; handle bars; helmet and glasses
76.27   Attaching bicycle or sled to vehicle
76.28   Riding bicycles and motorcycles abreast
76.29   Signal device on bicycle
76.30   Lights and reflector on bicycle; brakes
76.31   Riding bicycle on right side of roadway; obedience to traffic rules; passing
76.32   Reckless operation; control, course, and speed
76.33   Operation of motorized bicycle
76.34   Parking of bicycle
76.35   Electric bicycles
Snowmobiles and All-Purpose Vehicles
76.50   Definitions
76.51   Equipment
76.52   Code application; prohibited operation
76.53   Permitted operation
76.54   Licensing requirements of operator
76.55   Registration of vehicles
76.56   Accident reports