§ 32.40 JURY DUTY.
   (A)   An employee required to serve on a jury, or who is subpoenaed to appear as a witness in a court of law, will be paid the difference between his or her regular straight time pay and that paid as a juror for each of his or her scheduled days of work on which he or she is required to serve on the jury or appear as a witness, as the case may be.
   (B)   It shall be the responsibility of each employee to present to the Clerk-Treasurer a copy of the court summons or subpoena and a certificate from the Clerk of the Court showing the days served as a juror or a witness and the amount paid for the jury service.
(Prior Code, § 32.20) (Ord. G-98-11, passed 9-8-1998; Ord. G-09-01, passed 2-10-2009)