(A)   Active duty.
      (1)   Employees who leave city employment for the Armed Forces are entitled to reinstatement without a break in service if:
         (a)   They have a certificate showing satisfactory completion of their military service; or
         (b)   They report back to the city immediately upon release from military service.
      (2)   Employees covered under this provision will be offered the same or an alternate job of equal seniority, status and pay. No benefits will accrue while on this type of leave.
   (B)   Reserves and National Guard. Any employee who is a member of the Indiana National Guard or a reserve member of the Armed Forces of the United States will:
      (1)   Receive his or her normal straight time pay for actual work days missed, not to exceed 15 days annually, if the leave is taken on city time; and
      (2)   Be entitled to a temporary leave of absence without loss of time. Notification papers and fulfillment papers must be given to the department head.
(Prior Code, § 32.19) (Ord. G-98-11, passed 9-8-1998; Ord. G-09-01, passed 2-10-2009)